Islands Fit For A (Exiled) Prince

The Princes’ Islands were so named for the exiled princes that were sent there in the Byzantine era. The abandoned house we explore in this album is one of many on the islands, which have fallen precipitously from grace since their heyday. Apparently Ataturk once stayed in this house, but to listen to Turkish people tell it, Ataturk posted up in every little town and village from Iran to the Bosphorus.

Home to a couple thousand people in the wintertime, the island we explored, Heybeliada, balloons in the summer by almost 300%. There are no motorized vehicles save the emergency services, but the suicidal horse and carriage drivers gleefully and maniacally try to mow down anyone on two legs or two wheels, as if trying to make Istanbulites from the mainland feel at home on the islands.

Enjoy the album here.