Bonus Paris Gallery!

Sartre's TombCanal St-MartinNote On Sartre's tombCamille Saint-Saëns' MausoleumHenri Poincaré's TombSerge Gainsbourg's Tomb
Square Roland DorgelèsSacré-Coeur BasilicaCircus SoccerCatacombs Of ParisCatacombs Of ParisCatacombs Of Paris
Catacombs Of ParisOld Citroen 2CVMeParis StreetPlace De La République

Paris, a set on Flickr.

2 days in Paris. Not a sequel to anything


4 thoughts on “Bonus Paris Gallery!

  1. Traveling the world AND learning the art of photography.

    My oh my, what big plans you have.

    Also: think the note writer was referring to the last line, not the first: “You are wrong. Life is wonderful.”

    • Yes! I’ve written a bit about the riots already, and will post a big update soon, as I’ve just bought the car today as well. But first, I’m going to go loot me some curry.

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