Off We Go!

I’ve been slammed the past couple of days with all preparations, so my final post before I leave the Americas is quite literally last minute. As in, the gate attendant just made the first boarding call for my flight. But no worries, I’m not in a rush. I’m on vacation.

The last couple days found me all over the place, including up in Ottawa, where I fanagled a visa from the Pakistan High Commission. What the consulate in Montreal originally informed me was a two-month process turned out to bey a two-day process up in Ottawa. Of course, the consulate in Montreal couldn’t have possibly known this before I paid $100 to apply there. Live and learn: If you want something done, get the High Commission to do it for you.

Sweet, convenient shelter

I camped out on my back deck under the stars. And by stars I mean the 737 spotlight.

After snagging that visa before I took off, my delight was compounded when I received this awesome tent from Poler. They’re a brand new company and they make great road-trip and camping gear. I have no doubt this guy will enjoy much use over the coming months, and it’s already been good to me. Because of the tent, I didn’t have to pay an overage charge for luggage on Air Transat. Apparently they make an exception for camping equipment, even though the tent weighs nowhere near what I was over. I also told the counter person about the trip, and got a pretty funny look. So maybe she just thought I was nuts, and didn’t want the hassle. And speaking of the airport, I want to thank my family for coming out and seeing me off, and not only because I wouldn’t have found a ride otherwise. They’ve helped me so much, so they deserve at least this brief blog mention. (Blog mentions are the new thank you’s.)

OK, I’ve pushed the envelope a bit, and I’d feel like an idiot if I missed the flight sitting 30 feet from the plane. So, the next update will be coming at you (Canadians and Americans, anyway) FROM THE FUTURE.




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  1. Just catching up here. I see you survived the first flight cuz of other blog posts I’ll read in a second. Good thing you upped the cadence.

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