On The Road

“I never travel without my diary. One should always have something sensational to read in the train.” — Oscar Wilde

Good day, and welcome to the chronicles of an overland drive from Europe to Australia (with a small amount over water). I’m Adam, and will be your faithful correspondent for the whole journey, which begins in Montreal mid-July. My accomplice, Jae, will be a partner-in-crime come Departure-From-Europe time in August.

I’ll be acquiring the car in Europe and fixing it up in preparation for our DFE. After that, we’ll be taking in Europe, the Middle East, Pakistan, China (hopefully), and Southeast Asia on our way overland to Australia. From Malaysia, the plan is to ship the car to Oz. You can find more info at The Route.

Updates shall be regular, though all deference to Murphy’s Law (and, similarly, Muphry’s Law for you editors out there). Don’t hold anything against me (I’m told the 3G signal in the Transylvanian Alps and Balochistan can be spotty).

And rather than just posting an announcement of existence, here is a juicy, interesting image to feast your eyes on: my IDP.

Not valid in China. We'll see about that.Fascinating, no? Don’t worry, there will be plenty more Pulitzer-worthy images to come.

Til next time!



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